Animal Crossing: New Horizons (brief air conditioning: NH or ACNH) is a life simulation created as well as released by Nintendo. The game was launched on 20 March 2020 around the world for the Nintendo Switch over. Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the fifth part of the Animal Crossing Main Policy.

Since November 5, 2021, not only the big update 2.0 for Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available, but also a great DLC. From now on you can buy the extension Happy Home Paradise. The RRP is 24.99 euros. If you want to receive five percent discount when buying the DLC, you can buy this in the Medion Shop for 23.74 euros.

Top offer: You can buy the DLC currently in any other online shop. To get the offer price, simply uses the coupon code Nplay5 and you will receive five percent discount on the EIA.

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That awaits you with the Happy Home Pardide DLC

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Time for vacation: With the DLC you can become part of Karlottas team in the holiday home agency. Your task is to make the holiday rooms come true. Every customer has his own expectation to a holiday home and it is your task to fulfill them. You choose the island for the holiday home, placed furniture, draw walls, decorates everything inside like outside and adapts the annual and daytime.

In addition, you can design the houses on the island of the holiday home agency building like a restaurant, a hospital, a school and more.

In addition, there are a variety of free updates with Update 2.0 for Animal Crossing. What you can do everything and what awaits you, we have summarized you in a separate article:

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Animal Crossing Update 2.0 is here: innovations & discoveries at a glance

ACNH DLC at Amazon buy

Who renounces the discount can also buy the Happy Home Paradise DLC at Amazon. There, however, the EIA of 24.99 euros.

Buy ACNH DLC Happy Home Paradise at Amazon

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