An absolutely massive Ballery 2 The update is live along with the patch notes that reveal that in addition to adding a variety of new features that players have been asking and some very necessary changes, the update marks the beginning of Halloween on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and the Xbox Series X game.

At the time of publication, it is not clear how large the file sizes are for the second large update of the game, called «Chivalry 2 content update – Fight Knight (2.2)». That said, the patch notes suggest that the download of the update may be longer, especially if you are on a state-of-the-art machine.

Next, you can check the update patch notes, courtesy of Torn Banner Studios:


Three Halloween pumpkin helmets: creepy, sad and silly
Hand luggage Jack or Lantern (two large versions of 2 hours, a small version of 1 hour)
Plots of interactive tombs: Take a spare arm, your previous owner does not need it anyway
Luggage racks of body parts (the assets already existed) + frame racks, baskets and lots of members and bones (the assets already existed)
A hidden ghost? Chilling!
Statues of ghosts
Brugge boilers acting as weapon racks, giving skulls

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Decorated Halloween maps: Brawl: Lionspire (large living room), TDM: WardenGlade, FFA: WardenGlade, To: Rudhem and Dark Forest

New game modes

New game mode: latest stand up. Fight to be the latest team alive in this Large-scale fighting mode based on Rondas, a Favorite returning from Chivalry: Medieval Warfare (2012).

Existing TDM maps are compatible, as well as the new Falmire Village, and soon the Galencourt amphitheater will be available!
Offline support was added

New game mode: fight. Accept chaos and focus on your fists, or whatever you can grab, in the maps of Great Hall or Rudhelm Feast, with up to 40 players!

Maps: Large Loom Lion Needle and Rudhelm Party

Changes of game mode


New victory podium
New Victory Animations and Defeat
The heating timer is now skipped when there are sufficient players present.
The audio of the countdown was corrected with half a second time of inactivity
Special elements are now disabled in this mode and in Duel mode.
The arrows now restart correctly in each round.
The presenter VO was corrected for the remaining game time after the departure ended.
Settings of the final summary screen to show the rounds won by equipment and the list of players
Audio stings were added behind Countdown and Fight! idioms
Offline support was added
They corrected the sand games that were not completed and started with only 2 players on a team
The cancellation of the search was corrected before a game that caused the game to start unbalanced
The overlaps of wounds in the meat are now eliminated between rounds.
Both players will no longer end up on the same team in 1v1. More audio fanfares were added between the sand mode rounds. The new sand mode begins the countdown with the voice in OFF. The inactive kick timer now works as expected. When the waiting time is exhausted, the user interface is now read as draw instead of Round Lost / Winnada. The match does not end up in a tie if a team has more death than the other but has a remaining player with life. Reduced outside the combat area in Falmire

Combat to team death:

Reduction of the match time in 600 seconds.
Closed doors for agatha engendros in Falmire


Votekick values ​​have been changed to the following values:
Combat to team death: 45-55%
Team target: 45-55%
FFA: 60-70%
Duelos: 35%


When a game is initiated by users who do not have the cross-enabled game, it will only allow users who do not bind to that game again and will prevent crossed game users from joining it.
The deactivation of the cross-game was corrected that caused pairing problems for all the users of the cross game.
A problem was solved through which the pairing failed if the cross game was disabled in the 64p and FFA queues
When joining a server while performing the replenishment, players will no longer be deleted from the server.
Reincorporate the same server no longer has the possibility to kick it
A case was corrected in which a complete group was not matched successfully in the same game.


Friends and group members are now always placed on the same team at the beginning of a game.
When looking for a game as a group, the latency of the members of the group is no longer attributed to the party (only the group leaders), what should reduce the time it has to find a match
A case was corrected in which the parties could not migrate to a new departure after finishing a game and, instead, were sent back to the main menu.
PlayStation: Accept an invitation from another player while queuing now updates the party widget correctly
A problem was solved by which the parties could not migrate together if the finished party had less than 12 players.
A case was corrected in which the parts of the console could not migrate with the rest of the server to a new map.
Console: Invite a player to your group from the game now is disabled, which matches PC standards. The parties must be formed while they are in the main menu

Notes of the patch continues…

CASE 2 is available via PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X. For more information about the multiplayer game, click here.