VBL Open ESPORT: The anniversary season will stop soon, ten years VBL – how do you look back at the time and where you want to stand in ten years?

Jörg polite: I believe that today we are talking about ten years of VBL, is a success for the DFL. We can already look back with proud of what the colleagues at that time are extremely farsighted with EA SPORTS. Of course, the whole topic has changed fundamentally over the years.

It started all this is a bit far as activation of a partnership between EA and DFL. But we have more and more recognized that there is a social trend in the topic of esport. We have accepted this and developed the competitions accordingly.

The most important milestone was certainly the founding of the VBL Club Championship three years ago in the 2018/19 season, previously there were developments in our clubs who have turned more and more to the espport.

The prize money provides an additional sporting incentive behind the performance of a club.

Jörg Polite, Head of VBL

And the future?

When we look at the next ten years, prophecies are extremely difficult because the whole ecosystem continues to be in a young stage – also globally seen. There are great development potentials where we want to stay tuned.

In addition, we pursue perspective the goal of having all the 36 clubs organized in the DFL, want to approach the logical step. I think there we have done good work in recent years, will make good work in the coming season and I m confident that we will do that in the next few years.

The changes communicated so far compared to the preseason of the VBL Club Championship are very highly limited. Is this as a sign of satisfaction or ideaslessness?

It is simply that we have developed the competition very intensively together with clubs in recent years. The core is an integral competition, among other things, on the basis of the feedback from the community we could identify what the other Needs are. This further development, which has also striked quantitatively many adjustments, have now completed first, but remain flexible at any time if there are further adjustments.

These clubs are included in the new season. DFL

It is also important if we talk about professionalization that the planability becomes binding and the novelties become less. This does not mean that we exclude changes in the coming season. We have some qualitative adjustments that are also necessary to achieve the further professionalization of the competition.

There is already a lot to tell. But we talk about fine adjustments. That s a very good development in my eyes, because there is more and more satisfaction both on the club and DFL side as well as on the community page.

An Integral Competition is always related to the financiousness. Just on the sides of the clubs who now pay the players. Is there any changes regarding the financial aspect?

That s a good point, it s a topic where there is actually a news. We had already increased the prize money pool in individual competition last year to 100,000 euros. For the coming season, we decided to deduct a prize money as part of the VBL Club Championship – totaling 65,000 euros.

This is a decision we have taken together with the clubs and from whom we believe that they depict the good development of the VBL Club Championship. The prize money represents an additional sporting incentive behind the performance of a club.

Can you already reveal how the 65,000 euros are broken down?

Unfortunately, no.

Which surprise announcements do not expect us before it starts again in November?

I think the prize money was already a surprise. On November 1st our season starts with the VBL Open by Bevestor, where we look forward to seeing. We continue the only league whose mode is integrated into the game.

We have spotted a little bit there after appropriate community feedback and will extend the VBL Open in the game by a month – from four to five months. So you will go from November to March. We also have also reduced to community feedback the number of matches to be disposed monthly from 90 to 60.

Umut Gültekin won the last VBL individual championship. imago images / motivio

What is new in the VBL Club Championship?

When we talk about the VBL Club Championship, which starts on November 9, we first have two new clubs [Hansa Rostock and FC Ingolstadt; Note d. Red.], Which have risen from the 3rd league. The media product has also been further developed and, moreover, some things that contribute to integrity. We have created comparable structures to the Bundesliga in some places.

The fans know from the Bundesliga maybe the gate system, via the player messages take place. We have now launched a comparable system for the Virtual Bundesliga. And – as I said – we also adapted the media product after the feedback was very positive about the VBL Grand Final last season. There is one or the other surprise waiting for the viewers.

Basically, we are satisfied with the number of participants stabilized at this high level.

Jörg Polite, Head of VBL

The extension of the VBL Open would mean that the qualification inspection for the VBL Open Playoffs is handled differently. Will less players in the Open Playoffs per month, or will the number remain the same and a total of more players in the Open Playoffs?

There will be a bit different. We will return to the topic of integrity. For us it is important to continue to have a competitive size of 64 players per console in the VBL Open Playoffs, ie 128 players. Because the end also allows different formats.

To explain what that means everything exactly, would go into more detail again. Basically, the number of participants for the VBL Open Playoffs remain identical, consequently, however, the respective qualifiers will be distributed a little differently in these five months.

You have just addressed the two new clubs. Besides the second division rising levels no further new additions could be proclaimed. Before the past season, it had been four new clubs even without changing the league. What is the stagnation to explain?

Basically, we are satisfied first that the number of participants has stabilized at this high level. We welcome 26 of the 36 clubs of the DFL E.V. in the Virtual Bundesliga, which is a sign of professionalization in our eyes. That so many clubs are and stay, I interpret that you also see potential in Efootball.

With Eintracht Braunschweig and the Würzburg VBL Opens have left us two clubs. But not voluntary, but because they excreted their descent from the 2nd Bundesliga from the DFL circle. As far as the clubs are concerned, which has not yet decided to participate in the VBL Club Championship, the motivations are not lump-sum through us, but by the clubs themselves.

In the place briefly inherent: In the last season, the essence money has been introduced. Do you think that the gain of clubs that did not only have to earn the sporting authority for participation, especially with them?

As I said, after the motives you would have to ask the clubs. I believe that some clubs have simply recognized the possibilities of Efootball and continue there – without this fundamentation would probably not participate in the competition. As far as money flows between the DFL and the clubs are concerned, we also proceed in our classic competitions so that we do not comment.

For the coming year […] we are at the present time good hope to have live events again.

Jörg Polite, Head of VBL

For said VBL Grand Final, for example, Elias was connected as community darling, other great names of the scene even moderated. What measures are taken in terms of popularization of transfers?

I had already mentioned that we have considered the media product, always listening to opinions of the community and there have been a lot of positive feedback around the Grand Final. We orient ourselves to rotate on appropriate set screws.

We are always with well-known names from the scene in exchange and look, which ways there is to involve them purposeful and meaningful. And we are sure that we can also proclaim one or the other for the start of the season in this area.

In the past, the DFL was always reaffirmed the importance of storytelling in the transfers. What progress has been made here?

I believe that it is not just about storytelling, but above all about making the spectators and followers of the Virtual Bundesliga as well as possible. Of course, this means a high-class competition for us as an interior, but it also includes good entertainment.

And exactly with these formats, for example, we want to approach the fans, for example, the players. We have already shown in the past season that smaller stories over players or clubs are interested in interest. This is our goal in the coming season.

Heidenheim has just introduced his new VBL team. Imago Images / Press photo Baumann

What opportunities are you looking for the current state of the pandemic regarding the VBL show? Will a remote production be made again?

In the last season, despite the challenges of the pandemic, all matches of the VBL Club Championship for the fans were seen. We will also guarantee that in the coming season – without if and however. As far as the type of production is concerned, we have produced very successfully in the last season, even this will be our state in the coming season.

Of course, a bit of course resulting that the health of all those involved for us continues to be the highest good. On the other hand, we have to see how the winter develops and have a greater flexibility with this procedure.

For the coming year, when the Club Championship finale and the VBL Grand Final take place, we are at the present time good hope to have live events again. As these are to be shaped then, we have to wait and depends on the pandemic location and the regulations of the various institutions.

The FIFA 22 Global Series is PlayStation-Exclusive, why not the VBL?

We looked at the clubs together with the clubs, which players we have in Germany. And have seen that the Xbox continues to play a role in console distribution. Of course, how that develops in the next gene, we have to wait.

In principle, however, it is so that we have decided on both the relevant amount of Xbox players in the past to subscribe to our competitions on both consoles. The highly qualified and highly talented Xbox players in Germany wanted to take on this year.

We will watch together with the clubs how the whole thing is moving in the coming season with developments around Global Series. Of course there can be a shift. But for this season, the decision was clear to continue to play on both platforms.

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