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The SEN festival, which everyone enjoys everyone, the Sen Festival begins.

Africa TV said that the 2021 SEN festival (Seongnam E Sports Festival), who is with Seongnam City, Seongnam Industrial Promotion Agency, said on the 3rd day and 17th, Seongnam City hosted by Seongnam City, the Sen Festival, which is hosted by Seongnam Industrial Promotion Agency, is an online festival that can communicate with various layers such as game users, families, and citizens as a festival that represents Seongnam. African TV participates as an operator and live in the event.

In the Sen Festival, if you are interested in games, you can see the events of various categories, including the E-Sports Competition, Online Citizen Participation Program, Education Program. First, Special invitation, BJ destruction Angkor Bill, BJ destruction All-Star Game,.

Programs that can directly participate in online citizens. BJ,, Take a Family Tour Citizens, etc. Participating contents are proceeding.

In addition, a variety of programs such as Game Talk Concert, which listens to the story of the game with the game, such as Indie Game Reviews, Progamer, Game Commentary, which can listen to the story of game developers, It will be going on.

This SEN festival is held with the Sen Challenge, the National E-Sports School. In the SEN festival, it is expected to observe the finals of the first and middle school teams of the nationwide and middle school teams, which are selected for about three months.

In the Sen Festival, a variety of companies participated in sponsorship. Among them, the leading company, leading the processor market, promised a lot of support for the E-sports program such as Sen Challenge and BJ destruction for the game industry revival and future gamers.

For more information on SEN festival, SEN festival Homepage and SEN festival Africa TV Official Broadcasting Station can be found.

Meanwhile, the revenue generated in the Sen Festival official station during the Sen Festival is scheduled to be donated to the Seongnam City Volunteer Center.