[Data provided: Riot Games]

\ – Mercedes-Mercedes – Benz and special winning ring production

\ – We will present directly to the championship at the trophy ceremony

\ – Riot Games YouTube production process Documentary disclosure

Riot Games released the Championship Ring Design Awarded to the World Championship Championships on the 21st 2021 World Championship.

The World Championship ring that the team to win the World Championship this year, the World Championship Ringiel Games and Mercedes-Mercedes-Benz made strength.

Riot Games Brand and Event Design Team and Mercedes-Benz s Extorer Designers in Mercedes – Benz, the World Championship Ring, co-produced by special designs, and the symbolic colors, which represent the cup of a summoner, Sports 2021 unique decorations and patterns are engraved.

Located in Los Angeles, Good Art Hollywood, handmade work, has been made in 18 carat white gold and custom cut sapphires, and the part of the hand of the summoner is decorated with genuine diamonds.

The Championship ring specifically designed for the team for members, such as the 2021 World Championship Championship Team s players, directors, and coaches are given. The winning ring is designed to fit the fingers for the fingers of the athlete s summoning mission and the abbreviation of the team. World Championship Ring will be awarded to the championship with the Cup of the Summoner at the trophy awarded with Mercedes-Benz.

Mercedes-Mercedes-Benz and Riot Games will disclose a short documentary that exclusively illuminates the World Championship Ring Production Course through the Mercedes Championship Finals.

Riot Games Naz Aleta League of Legend> e Sports Global General World Championship Ring Represents a tradition that has a history in the field of sports, indicating excellent excellence and best achievement.

Since 2020, Mercedes-Benz, Mercedes-Benz has been achieving the League of Legend> e-Sports s best players, League of Legend> E sports s best achievement in the process of making the best achievement in design and innovation I am very happy to express the enthusiasm of the cooperation.

Mercedes-Mercedes-Benz AG s Stepipen Call Advanced Exterior Design, I have accepted the championship ring production offer, he said, he said to express the identity of the two companies and design philosophy through the unique ring design.

In addition, I am expecting a moment to win a winner at a trophy ceremony, he said, This ring is a real work that is reflected in Mercedes DNA.