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Trainer Julian Nagelsmann by Bayern Munich, despite his corona disease, has held the Game Tags PK in front of the Bundesliga game on Saturday (15:30 / Sky) against his ex-Club TSG Hoffenheim. The 34-year-old stood the reporters on Friday afternoon in a video switch from home from the quarantine and answer.

I m doing quite well according to the circumstances, I m still a bit bastard, but can already laugh again, said Nagelsmann. At the game, he will be represented by his assistants Dino Toppmöller and Xaver Zembrod as most recently in the Champions League at Benfica Lisbon (4: 0).

He had a small analysis center built in isolation, said Nagelsmann, it looks like in a data center – in the kitchen mindfully, so I have a short way to tea . When he could get back into the training everyday, be open. Nagelsmann stressed, he hope for a comeback to the DFB Cup game on Wednesday at Borussia Mönchengladbach.

Nagelsmann was scared a bit

He was scared on his positive findings, he reported, I can not explain it, he had made nothing forbidden . Due to his vaccine, however, he has God s a milestone. I am relatively Fidel again. He has even perfumes on it, he said smiling.

In addition, the head coach expressed himself to the vaccination in FC Bayern. Finally, it had been reported that five players players have not yet immunized against the coronavirus. There is no vaccination in Germany, even at Bayern not. We can only plead for it. I can only pronounce a recommendations, he explained.

Bayern also have to do without Hoffenheim on Leon Goretzka (ill) and Alphonso Davies (muscular problems). Leon does not feel fit, Phonzie s risk is still too big, said Nagelsmann.

quarantine accompanied the PK in the detailed live blog. There are all important statements for reading.

+++ That was +++

All questions are answered, the somewhat special PK from Julian Nagelsmann s living room is finished.

+++ Why is not Xaver Zembrod the representation? +++

Xaver is reluctant in the limelight, he preferred to work in the substrate. Dino was self-coach, he was used to that. That was why that was a very light decision, I did not have to think about it that he helps him to help.

+++ What does Nagelsmann s everyday life looks like? +++

I ll take the match plan session right away, tonight I look at the Bundesliga game. I have a small garden in which I can move a bit despite quarantine and see what the mouths do.

+++ Nagelsmann over Coman +++

King is an outstanding player. If he is healthy, he is exceptionally good. There is no coach in the world that would not like to work with him – that also refers to me.

+++ NFL model: communication on the square +++

This is certainly an idea that we can follow. It s not about being able to fully lather a player for 90 minutes, but can put individual impulses.

+++ Nagelsmann over Sané +++

Leroy has always played on the teher position in the half-space for me, that will continue to be.

+++ Turns Nagelsmann in halftime? +++

I do not turn off at the halftime, but I ll discuss which scenes should show my assistants to show. Alone from a technical point of view, there is a lot, which could go wrong. We have capable people in the team who can hold the speech at halftime

+++ FC Bayern in Gladbach again with Nagelsmann? +++

I m looking forward to every game I m standing on the sideline. Against Benfica I have actually missed my first game in my career, that never existed before. I would like to be like this against Gladbach, but that lies on the tests and also At my state of health.

+++ How is Nagelsmann? +++

I had no corona-typical symptoms, only cold symptoms. I had already before, I was negatively tested. Now everything sounds again. I m relatively Fidel again.

+++ What does Nagelsmann say to the Munich Unvacaked? +++

There is no vaccination in Germany, we can only plead for it. I can only pronounce a recommendations. Even in Leverkusen I have already been able to test myself voluntarily, the first positive smear came on Wednesday in the course of the day. Tuesday was I stayed at the hotel and had no close contact with the players. I was already slightly struck, do not want to infect anyone, so there was no close contact. That s why nobody needs to be in quarantine.

+++ The staff +++

Davies and Goretzka will not be available tomorrow.

+++ Can Nagelsmann be born in the quarantine? +++

I was relatively quiet, if I m live, cook the emotions there more. At the laptop, I have managed the analytical. Let s see how tomorrow will be. It will certainly be heavy against Hoffenheim, you can get your 4-4-2 vary. To Bayern, Sebastian Hoeneß has always played a 3-5-2 last season, we prepare for all contingentities. They have been impressively won against Cologne, they will require a lot to demand us a lot.

+++ Nagelsmann via his co-trainer Toppmöller +++

Listen to the podcast, because he s super well described. He is a great man, the contact came together in Leipzig about Markus Krösche in Leipzig. We work together on a very good wavelength. He has the experience to at the sideline to stand, he is very valuable for our team. He can now be in the spotlight.

+++ Where has Nagelsmann infected? +++

It s a bit diffuse, I can not explain it one hundred percent. I thought it was just a flu infection and then was a bit scared. We all fit well, I am vaccinated and still got it – fortunately With a milder course.

+++ Does the infection affect other players? +++

Nickles: The testing has started today, we are in exchange with the health authorities.

Even the uncovered players do not have to quarantine.

+++ So it s Nagelsmann in the quarantine +++

The communication from the hotel worked well on the phone and whatsapp. You have penetrated to write permanently because you can see a little bit more on the TV. I try to intervene a bit in isolation and have set up a small office here , Looks like in a data center – in the kitchen mind you, so that I have a short way to tea. For the training company that is not quite wild that I m not there. When it will be, I can not say exactly.

+++ It starts! +++

Press Review Dieter Nickles welcomes the press conference. Julian Nagelsmann is switched online, sitting in the shirt in domestic quarantine.

+++ Furiosis five minutes to victory in the royal class +++

No Nagelsmann? No problem! Even without head coach, FC Bayern burned off a peat rebuilder in the Champions League. Like the Furiosen 5: 1 in Leverkusen (four goals in seven minutes), the German record champions decided to match Benfica in a few moments. After Leroy Sanés free kick for the lead, three more goals made in five minutes for the clear 4-0 victory. Since October 2017, the Munich abroad in royal class are unbeaten.

+++ Dino Toppmöller in focus +++

The son of the longtime Bundesliga coach Klaus Toppmöller (u.a. Vfl Bochum, Bayer Leverkusen, HSV) was at Benfica at the sideline. Nagelsmann pursued the game meanwhile because of a flu infectious, who turned out to the following day as Corona infection, only from the hotel room. Against Hoffenheim and also in the DFB Cup at Gladbach (Wednesday, 20:45 clock), co-trainer Toppmöller will lead the skills of the Munich.