Joshua Kimmich from FC Bayern Munich has expressed itself after the league game against the TSG Hoffenheim on Saturday afternoon SKY to his vaccine status. He confirmed media reports, after which he was not vaccinated against Corona, and justified that with concerns due to lack of long-term studies.

Kimmich …

… on the question of whether he was not vaccinated: Yes, that s right, I personally considered a few more concerns about what missing long-term studies. Nevertheless, I am aware of my responsibility, keep me to the Hygiene measures and it is also the case that the non-vaccated players in the club are tested every two to three days.

… about his We Kick Corona initiative and a possible conflict: That does not mean that I do not live that. I live that I think of hygiene measures, I ll tested every two, three days , WE KICK CORONA, it was about supporting charitable facilities and non-profit purposes that support persons who are in distress by Corona. We have also donated to the Unicef ​​money, provide the vaccine. There are countries that none Have access to vaccine. We should do everything that everyone can vaccinate that.

… about his attitude to the corona vaccine: Everyone has to make the decision for themselves. Nevertheless, it is not that I am a corona denial or vaccine opponent. That s a pity when it comes to the Debate goes. Not vaccinated does not mean the same way that one is Corona-denier or vaccine opponent. But there are other people at home, which have a few concerns. Whatever they have for reasons, as long as you should respect considers the measures.

… about criticism of his vaccination status: That can I understand on the other side absolutely. On the other hand, there are rarely vaccinations. Vaccinated people can not be tested anymore and often do not know if they do it Wear in itself. But you can still spread it. I let me test every two, three days. That s difficult for many to pay. In my case, the FC Bayern pays fortunately, if that would not be like that anymore Of course, make that yourself.

… a possible vaccine: I do not categorically say that I m not vaccinating at all. I just have some consideration, so it is very easy to vaccinate myself in the future. That can vacate also happen shortly.

… to the questions about his vaccination status: I find the fair. I often feel the society that one is stamped and not asked what concerns you have if you are not vaccinated. Then If you feel rather pressurized than if you really asked and interested in the concerns.

… to the fans who have to hold in the stadium in many places to the 2G rules: I do not know how to go to other people who go to the office. There is certainly not in every job 2G , Here we are also on the fresh air, because the danger is not that big and I will be tested every two, three days.

Hasan Salihamidzic: Recommend the players to vaccinate

The picture had previously reported that the 26-year-old was one of five Bayern professionals who have not been vaccinated against the Corona virus. His head coach Julian Nagelsmann is currently in quarantine, he was positively tested despite double vaccination protection.

I will not say anything, Jo will express yourself, said sports board Hasan Salihamidzic before the game. It deals with a private matter. We recommend the players to vaccinate. Also to enable all in Germany a normal life. But everyone may decide for Bayern himself. There are no vaccinations in Germany.

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Nagelsmann are meanwhile along the recovery: The collaboration with the health department was very good as always. This has regulated our team doctor, which has walked excellently.