Pokémon (pronounced [pɔ.ke.mɔn]; in Japanese ポケモン, Pokemon, pronounced [Po̞ke̞m̞ɴ̞ɴ]) is a franchise created by Satoshi Tajiri in 1996, presents in particular in video games, in series edited by Nintendo. According to Nintendo statistics in 2010, Pokémon games sold about 250 million units. The red and blue Pokémon video game has sold more than 30 million copies, making it a record record in the history of video game.

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The franchise is also exploited in the form of anime, manga, and collectible card games. In the animated series homonymous, the main character, sacha, travel through various fictitious regions in order to catch new kinds of eponymous monsters, a concept that is also found in the video games of the franchise. Pokémon has had a very important cultural impact in the countries where it has been introduced, including Japan, the United States, Canada, France and other European countries.

The competitive of Pokémon will return to normal next year 2022 . After playing the bulk of the last two seasons in line format, those responsible for the circuit have confirmed that the return of face-to-face events next year. A return that affects the main games and its characteristic format VGC , but also to alternative franchise products such as the game of cards, Pokkén Tournament DX and even Pokémon Go. The latter, incorporating the official circuit for the first time.

The return of Pokémon VGC

Although some previous tracks indicate that the competition could be kept in sword and shield, since The Pokémon Company have not wanted to assure him in his last statement. Be in these games or in the new remakes Pokémon pearl brightness and gleaming diamond , it is clear that international and regional tournaments return. A circuit ranked with many stops in Europe and the United States that will lead to a great world championship next summer.

The key dates for Europe are the following:

Days 26 and 27 March : Liverpool Regional Championship, UK
From April 22 to 24 : Frankfurt International Championship, Germany
Days 7 and 8 May : Regional Championship of Bilbao, Spain
Days 4 and 5 June : Milan Regional Championship, Italy
From June 24 to 26 : International Columbus Championship, United States

Depending on the results obtained by the players throughout these events, they will be able to qualify for the World Cup that will take place in London during the month of August 2022 . A somewhat shorter season than other years that will return to the competitive circuit of Pokémon, which curiously has an extraordinary dependence on holding face-to-face events.

Keep in mind that there will be a few restrictions regarding the celebration of events . For example, it will be mandatory that any player who wants to compete present a vaccination certificate. Identical situation for the public or tournament staff.

European players with enough classified points can request the payment of the trip to The Pokémon Company to compete in the Tournament