The shift-up (representative Kim Hyung-tae) announced on the 21st of the 21st Mobile RPG Destini Tea Tea Class RPG Destini Tea Idi Tennis Child: OST Album Destini Child: Original Sound Track.

The shift-up is a Destini Child: Disclosure of the teaser video of music video commemorating the release of the original soundtrack, and will summon the memories of Destini Childs in two times.

This album produced by the Shift-up and Estimate has a total of 160 songs such as Ragna Breakers , which is intense, including the opening song Plastic City , which is participating in the Persona OST vocal La Shuho.

This album, who has a full-scale music director Park Jin-Bae, who is a member of Destini Child, is a renewal version of the existing OST, which is renewed as a professional session, such as Brass, String, etc., and to meet the longevity of Destini Child, which is more enriched.

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The OST album will be released in primary and 80 songs will be released on the 28th, and over 70 songs, including the original chorus song and unpublished new vocal song, which are called Korea and Japan, are expected to be released later.