Wailed early 2022, more than eight years old after Saints Row 4, the new Saints Row returns to us in a video offering a little tour of Santo Ileso and its main neighborhoods.

Presented by volition like The greatest and best city of Saints Row , Santo Ileso is worthy of exploration and reserves a number of historical points of interest, emblematic places and tourist sites, but however meets a slight problem of crime . Not bad in this case, since the player s goal is precisely to build his own crime empire. For this, the new strip of saints will have to take the temperature in the neighborhoods of Rancho Provedencia, Lakeshore and Monte Vista to take control. Saints Row will be available February 25, 2022 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC.

The main districts of Santo Ileso

Rancho Provedencia , the territory of Los Panteros, where the iconic old Scorpion factory is located where they work on their precious cars as well as other industries such as the Panther Juice pitchy sauce plant.

Lakeshore is controlled by the Marshall private military company, it is an urban skyscraper jungle and businesses marked by the emblematic Marshall HQ building that you will not be able to miss.

Monte Vista is the place of residence of the rich and the powerful and also the one where the anarchist group The Idols organizes its scandalous festivals in protected houses, because destroying the business of the rich is a little stuff.


Saints Row – The Quarters of Santo Isoso