CALL OF DUTY: Warzone hFestival confirmed the contents of the Hanunting event, which will celebrate the Halloween Festival from October 19 and until November 2 . From Raven Software have confirmed what elements the Battle Royale will receive during this framework.

The Haunting in Cod Warzone: Highlighted content

Among the elements that are added highlights the participation of scream , the popular character of terror. The mythical white mFestivalk under the tunic will arrive from the first day Festival a limited time operator package, Festival it happened with Rambo at the Heroes of Action of the 80s. Donnie Darko will also be another of the packages available in the store. Both will be sold by 2400 cod points each. In the cFestivale of Darko, it will arrive on October 24.

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Thehaunting is Bringing More Fright To The Fight Than Ever ➡️

  • Call of Duty (@Callofduty) October 18, 2021

Subfusil Lapa will be the final reward of the Special Challenges Restaurant. You are already playing Warzone and Black Ops Cold War, when completing the set of 9 challenges in a game you will receive it completely free. The team emphFestivalizes its accessories leave space to research on how to fit into the game goal. We speak of a low-cadence subfuser with high damage and Distance and Solid Control . Later, the Hoz and the hammer will be available.

Ghosts of Verdansk It comes Festival a new limited game mode similar to the one we saw during lFestivalt year. The zombies will give way to ghosts that will have several supernatural skills: mega jump, teleportation and spectral explosion. They will not have weapons, but some resources with which to take revenge from the rest of live players.

The soldiers who remain alive will see the introduction of a new meFestivalurement: Fear . If you stay stopped for a long time, you see ghosts or fellow falling down. You can decreFestivale it if you kill players or ghosts, complete contracts and more. If it is full, something that hFestival not yet transcended will occur.