Julian Nagelsmann was coach when the TSG Hoffenheim celebrated her to today s highest victory in the Bundesliga, Sebastian Hoeneß came to him on Friday evening but unexpectedly near: instead of 6: 0, as in March 2018, this time it was 5: 0, also against the 1 , FC Cologne, who has lost five times in series at the TSG – at 1:21 goals.

Boah, Hoeneß said that s why when he was asked in Dazn what I liked the most. There was so much while I think that I will not get everything together now.

Hoeneß: We never got Cologne in the game you want

A few things spontaneously fell spontaneously: The team performance, which was just good from the first to the last second in all game phases ; Or that his team has shown a lot, a lot of energy in the square and at all things we ve done. We have never left Cologne in the game you want.

The Hoffenheim Matchplan was not without risk: Basically, it was about leaving the front man on man, Hoeneß revealed the Cologne with a triple chain. And then, therefore, the short-term amendment in the red zone, so before our defenders, through the Joker , the two six, to control and simply be extremely aggressive.

Thus, playing balls conquests gave themselves. The Cologne , explained Hoeneß, are extremely courageous, and that has it extremely worn so far, but we have made sure they are vulnerable to ball losses.

That evening that was not overlooked. Almost all goals fell according to the pattern described and brought Hoeneß the highest victory of his still young Bundesliga coach career. 4: 0 he had already won twice, in Augsburg on the 1st matchday and against Werder Bremen on the 22nd game day of the preseason.