Founded in late summer 2020, TSG Esports launched a few weeks later in the first VBL Club Championship season. After smaller start-up difficulties, Hoffenheimer in the course of the regular playing time came into progress and in the end was a strong fourth place in the Süd-Ost division to be booked – and the entry into the final chance round.

There, the slightly favored Bayer 04 Leverkusen was beaten to the then German Vice-Champion Kai Deto Wollin, who has ended his active career now. And although in the great final of the association competition as a group regulator, the reaching of the K.-Phase was handed, the performance as one of the six best German clubs may be considered success.

bassinho and lukas 1004 remain first row

Especially Jan-Luca Bassinho Bass and Lukas Lukas 1004 Seiler, who had previously collected their experiences in the Club Championship for VfL Bochum and the VFB Stuttgart, carried the TSG to a remarkable first season. With 15 wins each, both moved into the top 10 of the south-east player in this regard, just the balance in the squad made Hoffenheim to the dangerous opponent.

Speaking of: The duo from the first row extended his contracts as well as Marcel Plaplup black and Jonas Bit0911 Conservation. The former was still active in the past season as a player coach, caterers were increasingly integrated as Content Creator. Both also made their contributions to the debut success in the VBL Club Championship. In addition, Bundesliga striker Munas Dabbur – under the Gamer Day Moanesdabbur9 – is again part of the team.

No interplay in Hoffenheim

A real reason to pour the squad fresh, the TSG did not – it was failed. While elsewhere despite strong placements, a joyful interplay was performed, the Hoffenheimer put on constancy and its well-rehearsed troupe. Whether the result is confirmed from the last season or can be improved, the coming weeks will show – worries you do not seem to be done in the Kraichgau.

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