Spooky season is right here in Destiny 2 with the launch of this year s Festival of the Lost, which brings with it new activities and things. For players of in 2015 s event, there s a bonus Easter egg that comes with some added loot.

2014 Independent Games Festival

In 2015 s Festival of the Lost granted players a strange, seemingly ineffective item: an Ascendant Lens. For longtime players of Fate 2, arbitrary items without any noticeable purpose are no surprise, yet the fact that this was an honor for the Festival s major difficulties made it remarkable. Bungie has actually lastly included the thing in this year s Festival, as you can currently bring it to Queen Mara Sov for some extra loot.

If you still have the lens, you ll get a mission to bring it to Mara Sov. Once she receives it, she ll give you some tradition regarding its function and a package of rewards. This includes three Jurassic Green pulse rifles, 21 Spectral Pages, and an Improvement Prism.

This is an enjoyable nod from Bungie to expert gamers, and also it s just one little component of the Festival of the Lost. You can tackle Haunted Markets on the Moon which include adversaries packed with jack-o-lantern heads, as well as you can additionally grab some seasonal weapons and armor. Take a look at even more details concerning Fate 2 s Festival of the Shed right here.